Each year we award the Cornell Alumni Association of Greater Rochester Cornell Tradition Fellowship and the Cornell Alumni Association of Greater Rochester Annual Scholarship to deserving candidates. Find out more.

Scholarship Winners

For the 2016-2017 academic year, we awarded these scholarships to area Cornell students. At right are excerpts from their letter of appreciation. You'll agree, after learning about their studies, activities, and plans for the future, that we couldn't have chosen more deserving recipients.

Cornell Tradition Fellowship to Jordan Pares-Kane '18, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Annual Scholarship to Allison Considine '17, School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Annual Scholarship to Julia Magee '18,College of Engineering

Annual Scholarship to Jeanette Petti '18, College of Engineering

Annual Scholarship to Tiffany Tate '17, College of Engineering

Annual Scholarship to Marlana Zink '17, College of Architecture, Art, and Planning

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We offer scholarship support for area Cornell students. Since Cornell's founding 150 years ago, the alumni have been extraordinarily generous in their donations to help Cornell educate students from a wide variety of backgrounds and financial means.

Nour Hasan '18, School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Nour is majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations. He was born in Baghdad, Iraq, but moved to Syria and then to the U.S. Here are excerpts from his letter of appreciation about the scholarship:

I am a very grateful recipient [and want to] thank you for your generosity and kindness. ... I was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq, and lived there for 10 years. In 2006, my parents decided to move to Syria because it was no longer safe for us to live in Iraq. Syria was a very interesting time in my life in which I was forced to be away from home at such a young age. After living in Syria for two years, my family and I then moved to the United States to start a new life in which we can have more prosperous futures. ...

"At Cornell, I have been introduced to a whole new world of knowledge and skills. I have gained more in one semester than I could've ever imagined. .. Reading and writing are among two of my favorite things to do, and I hope to own a little bookstore one day and live a simple life in which I read and write all day. There is a street in Baghdad called Al-Mutanabbi Street, on which hundreds of booksellers have little stands next to each other and read, sell, and talk amongst each other about books from a variety of genres. My wish is for it to be safe enough one day to go back and have my own little stand. Thank you again for helping me make this opportunity more possible by your generosity."

-- Nour Hasan '18

Taylor Reed '18, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Taylor is from Honeoye Falls and is a Junior, majoring in Biology with minors in Health Policy and Business. Here are excerpts from the letter of appreciation about the scholarship:

"I first want to thank you for all your generous support of my undergraduate experience here at Cornell. ... It was the best decision I ever made to come to Cornell.... When I visited Cornell, I loved the feel of campus and the beautiful scenery all around. I felt at home away from home.

"Last summer, I was able to participate in the CALS NYS Internship Program and work on an egg farm in Buffalo. As their business growth intern, my primary responsibility was to review the current in-house beak treatment progam for laying hens using quantitative analysis to determine what improvements could be made to the process. I compared their program with the method used by the hatchery using cost analysis and measures of effectiveness to decide the better option. I created recommendations based on my findings and provided new Standard Operating Procedures to implement my suggested changes. Another part of my internship was a community engagement project, which included interviewing key community members ... with a focus on how they saw their community attracting and retaining young professionals.

"Through this scholarship, you are giving me the chance of a lifetime, and I will be forever grateful. It is alumni like you who help make Cornell such a great place to be."

-- Taylor Reed '18

Julia Magee, '18, College of Engineering

Julia is majoring in Materials Science and Engineering and attended our recent Founder's Day Dinner. Here are excerpts from her letter of appreciation about the scholarship:

"I am extremely honored to receive this award, and it will certainly help with the cost of my Cornell education. This award is especially meaningful to me because it gives me the confidence to know that people from my hometown are supporting me....

"Since the semester has begun, I have been working on applications for several research experience for undergraduate programs for this summer that will help me earn experience in applying my materials science knowledge to the field of Sustainable Energy. I am also planning to apply to join the Engineers for a Sustainable World project team this semester. Thank you again for this award. I appreciate the support [you] have continued to show me."

-- Julia Magee '18

Evan McDowell '18, College of Architecture, Art, and Planning

Evan spent a semester abroad through AAP's Cornell in Rome program and got a chance to practice his Italian. Here are excerpts from his letter of appreciation about the scholarship:

"I am writing to express my deepest appreciation for the scholarship that you awarded me this semester. ... The apartment in Rome is fantastic! It is in the city center, only two blocks from the Pantheon. From my window, I can see ruins of a Roman forum, where Julius Caesar was assassinated. ... I am excited to learn about ancient Classical architecture firsthand and I hope to improve my Italian skills along the way. Please pass along my most sincere thanks to everyone at the Cornell Club of Rochester for helping to make this semester possible."

-- Evan McDowell '18

Marlana Zink '17, College of Architecture, Art, and Planning

Marlana is majoring in Urban and Regional Studies and minoring in Education. She was born and raised in the heart of the city of Rochester. Here are excerpts from her letter of appreciation about the scholarship:

A Letter from Cornell in Rome
"I was lucky enough to receive an education at Nazareth Schools and graduate from Brighton High School. Since middle school I have been fascinated by how schools and cities shape people, so when I found Cornell's City and Regional Planning program, I knew I was home. We are a small but passionate group of students who, in brief, study how cities affect people and how people affect cities.

"I am currently participating in AAP's Cornell in Rome program where I am taking a neighborhood study workshop class. ... This summer I plan to work in Ithaca with the Upward Bound program, a college readiness program for underrepresented youth, giving me a chance to give back to students like myself. ...

"Thank you so much for your generosity. My experience at Cornell continues to enrich my life in so many ways. ... This scholarship has taken a load of worry off of my shoulders ... My family and I are so grateful for your financial support. Even outside of money, knowing that alumni from Rochester have seen potential in me is such a wonderful feeling and encouragement during the long stretch that is the spring semester."
-- Marlana Zink '17

Jordan Pares-Kane '18, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Jordan is from Brighton and is a junior, studying environmental science and sustainability. Here are excerpts from her letter of appreciation about the scholarship:

"I would like to thank you for your generous Cornell Tradition Fellowship. ... You have relieved me of some financial burdens and provided me with many opportunities to increase my professional, academic, and extracurricular experiences. Using the Tradition support account fund, I was able to conduct climate change research this summer in Mexico, ... working with sea turtles. ... My experience this summer helped me gain field research skills, and influenced my professional plans and goals. If not for your generous scholarship, this would not have been possible and I cannot thank you enough."

-- Jordan Pares-Kane '18

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